TARGET’s mission is to target and achieve efficient business solutions for its customers with the use of the company’s knowledge and expertise and experience of its executives.


  • Chania Prefecture Network Officer: Michael Petrakis Civil Engineer Assessor – investment planner.
    Member of the National Register of Certified Auditors of the Ministry of Economy and Development, member of the EFEPAE Register of Evaluators.


  • Collaboration with a consultancy company that has experience since 1997 with over 300 deposited investment files and a success rate of over 75%.
  • Collaboration with consultants who have significant experience in evaluating investment plans (members of evaluators and auditors registers).
  • Estimation of the probability of financing of investment plans before submitting them.
  • Early preparation of investment files.
  • Guidance on the gathering of supporting documents and documentation of the score.
  • Presence of on-site inspections to implement the investment.
  • Supporting the receipt of the final grant instalment and completing the long-term commitment check.
  • Competitive fees known from the beginning (no percentages).