Turnkey Projects

Buildings designed for tourist purposes.

A-class-home buildings entirely made of reinforced concrete.

Buildings tailored for tourism, adjusted and costly according to the new program “Strengthening the Establishment and Operation of New Tourist Small and Medium Enterprises”.

Integrated business proposition package.

Mod-2 and mod-1 are designed according to the specifications of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) for use of “Tourist furnished dwelling”.

Mod-2 offer includes:

193,26 square meters of total space.

40.00 x 2=80.00 m2 enclosed space.
15.53 x 2=31.06 m2 pool.
41.10 x 2=82.20 m2 outdoor area.

120.000 euro

included VAT

The price includes:

  • building permit
  • building (with earthworks and foundations)
  • surroundings
  • swimming pool
  • electromechanical installations
  • cooling – heating system
  • equipment – appliances
  • furniture
  • smart-home system
  • IKA wages
  • planting